Our Partners

NextGrid’s focus on collaborating with key technology partners has always been an essential part of our success. The only reason that we have been able to successfully develop the most affordable and most efficient CHP system on the planet is because of the strong technology leadership that our partners have provided and will continue to provide. We will always be grateful to them for their hard work and perseverance.

Green TurbineGreen Turbine BV

Jan Post is the inventor of the Green Turbine. This revolutionary micro-steam turbine is a key component in NextGrid’s combined heat & power technology. Green Turbine BV, located in Holland is a technology company focused on developing leading edge and environmentally-friendly products for the clean-tech space.


The RIC Centre Incubator, in partnership with the Xerox Research Centre of Canada (XRCC), offers world-class research and support services to help fast track innovative businesses to market. RIC has played an essential role in helping NextGrid to commercialize their combined heat and power technology.


CGA is the voice of Canada’s natural gas distribution industry and its members are distribution companies, transmission companies, equipment manufacturers and other service providers. Natural gas has a central place in Canada’s energy mix meeting over 30 per cent of the country’s energy needs. Today over 6.6 million customers representing well over 20 million Canadians rely on natural gas for heat and power in homes, apartments, buildings, businesses, hospitals and schools.


Natural Resources Canada’s CanmetENERGY is the Canadian leader in clean energy research and technology development. With over 450 scientists, engineers and technicians and more than 100 years of experience, we are Canada’s knowledge centre for scientific expertise on clean energy technologies. CanmetENERGY is responsible for total system efficiency testing including thermal and electrical efficiency of NextGrid CHP systems.