Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBS) can benefit greatly from a NextGrid CHP system. Installing a NextGrid combined heat and power system in your condominium and/or apartment building can drastically reduce operating costs associated with space heating, hot water and electricity. Our highly efficient (~95%) combined heat and power systems ensure that resident will never be out of hot water and that critical systems will always have power. All NextGrid CHP systems are “Black Start” capable.

How Energy is Consumed

energy-consumption-1This means that they operate independent of the grid and require no outside power source to operate. If your condominium has an indoor pool, we have the ideal solution to help reduce your heating expenses while keeping the pool at ideal temperatures. Our CHP systems offer flexibility in their output and can modulate to meet hot water and space heating demands while providing a steady flow of high quality electricity. NextGrid CHP systems are the most environmentally friendly CHP systems available today. Our carbon emissions are the lowest on the planet. In fact our NOx emissions are 0-3 parts per million. (PPM) This is far below any other CHP system or regular water heater available today.

While the majority of businesses will benefit from CHP some will benefit more than others. Generally speaking, businesses that require a consistent supply of hot water and space heating or for their operations stand to gain the most.

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