NextGrid is the electrical and gas utilities best friend.

Our CHP systems offer utilities an affordable path to meeting their emissions and grid load reduction goals. For electrical utilities struggling to balance peak load demands and grid-offset requirements while maintaining a healthy balance sheet NextGrid CHP offers a viable solution. Our systems can work with both “behind the meter” and grid-tie scenarios while maintaining the safety of and security of the grid and personnel with anti-islanding and black-start capability built into every system.


Utilities can benefit from NextGrid CHP technology in the following ways:

GT 1500_3

  • Create improvements to the electric grid system efficiency by reducing grid load congestion.
  • Reducing base and peak electrical demand on the grid through demand side management.
  • Deferring or displacing more expensive transmission and distribution infrastructure investments.
  • Positively impact the environment by reducing the negative impact of power generation.
  • Bring increase economic growth and development to towns and cities.