NextGrid CHP

NextGrid Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

NextGrid’s Combined Heat & Power systems are a major technology breakthrough in the combined heat and power industry.

NextGrid CHP systems deliver a one-two punch by utilizing state of the art technology found only in a NextGrid CHP system. NextGrid Combined Heat & Power technology delivers among the highest combustion performance and lowest cost of any CHP technology available on the market today.

The goal of all combined heat and power systems is to ensure that most of the fuel consumed is converted into usable energy (Heat).  A high efficiency combustion system results in a cleaner combustion pattern. This ensures that most of the fuel inputs are converted into heat and/or electricity. Higher efficiency combustion also results in lower Green House Gas (GHG) emissions.


NextGrid Micro Turbine System

GT 15000 Model

Micro-Steam Turbine

NextGrid’s CHP systems deliver the highest quality of electricity by utilizing patented micro-steam turbines. Our micro- turbines use steam (similar to steam from an espresso machine) to generate electricity the same way your local utility does except on a much smaller scale. However unlike the electrical utility almost all of the heat is recovered and made available for space heating or for domestic hot water.

A NextGrid micro-turbine is extremely rugged and can last for up to fifty years. Built from machined aluminum, they have only one moving part and require almost zero maintenance.

Permanent air magnets are used resulting in no need for any lubrication. There are no spark plugs, air filters or engine oil needing to be replaced.

NextGrid’s superior CHP technology is affordable, robust and requires little maintenance.
It offers superior performance in a very compact size enabling businesses and consumers real and affordable energy independence.